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CIBI Original Dashi Pack (2pcs)

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A simple and delicious way to create Japanese flavours at home.

CIBI Original Dashi Pack VEGAN(2pcs)

Ingredients: Kombu (dried kelp), Dried Shitake mushroom

CIBI Original Dashi pack CLASSIC (2pcs)

Ingredients: Kombu (dried kelp), Bonito flakes

*Store in a cool, dry dark place


How to make dashi with cold water

1. Put a dashi bag and 1 litre of cold water in a suitable container
and leave overnight in the fridge.
2. Remove the dashi bag in the morning.
How to make dashi with hot water
1. Place a dashi bag in a suitable container, add 2 litres of hot water and cover with a lid. 2. Leave the container overnight at room temperature, and remove the bag in the morning.
Store the dashi stock for up to 4 days in the fridge or up to one month In the freezer.


After making the dashi, if you steep again from the used bag you can brew niban-dashi (second-brew dashi). Place the extract in a container and pour In 1 litre of boiling water. Leave it for about 3-5 minutes, then filter out the extract with a strainer. This light dashi that remains is niban-dashi.


If you want to enjoy the flavours of the dashi extract, take it out of the bag and chop finely. Cook it on a fry-pan over low heat, do not add oil as it will cause the ingredients to spoil faster. Once the moisture has been cooked out, you'll know when the steam starts to fade, season with soy and mirin (sake too if you want more flavour) until the liquid is cooked out. Enjoy it as is or add toasted sesame seeds and/or nori (dried seaweed). A simple and delicious topping for freshly steamed rice.