Lemnos Wall Clock - Riki Copper Clock WR11-04

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'Beautifully designed classic clocks that CIBI loves.
Its design has been around for decades and

whenever, wherever we see it, 

the clock brings the old memory back
with smiles. '

In commemoration of the one-hundredth birthday of Riki Watanabe, Lemnos developed two kinds of beloved clocks that were designed by him. They feature pure copper frames since this was the metal he held most dear. Features a smooth sweeping second hand and easy to read numbers.

Indulge yourself in the pure and alluring beauty of the clock.


Size: Ø204mm x 60mm 

Weight: 630g

Material: Pure copper, ABS resin, glass

Movement: Sweep second (silent)

Colour: Copper White

Producer: Lemnos

Designed by: Riki Watanabe

Made in Japan


Riki Watanabe (1911 - 2013) 

Considered one of the pioneers of post-war Japanese design, after graduating from the Woodcraft Department at Tokyo Higher School of Arts and Design (currently Chiba University),

Riki Watanabe joined architect Bruno Taut's office in Gunma in 1936. In 1949, he established his own design studio, and

quickly won recognition for his low-cost String Chair in 1952. His Torii Stool and Circular Center Table won

the Gold Medal at the Triennale di Milano in 1957. In addition to interior and furniture design Watanabe also designed clocks and watches.

His 1972 design for the Hibiya Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company's pole clock is recognised as one of Watanabe's major works.


TAKATA Lemnos Inc.

Founded in 1947, TAKATA Lemnos Inc. started as a brass casting manufacturing company in Takaoka-city, Toyama Prefecture, Japan and went into full-scale business trade with Seiko Clock Co., Ltd in 1966. Lemnos works with many well-known designers such as Riki Watanabe, Kazuo Kawasaki, Shin Azumi, Tomoko Azumi, Kanae Tsukamoto to design and create clocks that are timeless and accentuates the beauty of the raw material used. Their products are made by craftspeople with finely honed techniques in Japan. Lemnos brand products are now highly praised from the design shops and interior shops around the world.