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Tatami (畳) are mats made of baked rush straws used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms. They are made in standard sizes, twice as long as wide or a ratio of 2:1, about 1.8m by 0.9m. Tatami mats are soft on the surface but are firm and stable, they also give off a wonderful scent. This pattern interprets the fine lines of a tatami mat and creates a mesmerising pattern of small stripes. The Tatami tenugui is great as a unique gift wrap and can be used as a lining to draw the eye to the items resting on it.

Size: 30cm x 90cm

Material: Cotton

Producer: Kamawanu

Pattern Design: Makoto Koizumi

Made in Tokyo, Japan

Hand-dyed with the Japanese traditional dying technique "chusen"

The rich world of tenugui: The Japanese textile form of the tenugui has a rich and textured history that weaves together art and commercial uses. Still handcrafted by artisans in Tokyo shitamachi (old downtown), its versatility and affordability ensure it continues to evolve in exciting new ways even today.

Everyday art — versatile & practical: Tenugui is used for a multitude of purposes, from hand towels to headwear, bandages to business cards, and placemats to wall hanging. As every tenugui is handmade, each is unique. Their appeal grows with repeated use and washing, as the cloth softens and the dyes take on a well-used patina—natural qualities which we love here at CIBI.

Caring for your tenugui

While the long sides of the tenugui are finished selvages, the short ends are unfinished and will fray around 3 to 5mm. Just trim off the loose threads and the fraying will soon stop.

It is best to hand wash them in cool water without detergent. With each washing, the tenugui will soften to become your own personal tenugui.

Caution: As all our tenugui are hand-dyed, some colours may run. Wash separately from white items.