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Sori Yanagi Design Kettle Matte


Every home deserves a kettle like this! Simple and functional, it quietly speaks for itself on the hot plate. We get a smile from its stylishness and comfort from watching it boil water. It's easy to hold, easy to pour. What more could you want from a kettle?

The great Japanese art of boiling water.

Because of its subtle shape, the manufacture of this kettle involves an elaborate process. Little of the work can be done by machine, so the welding and grinding requires the expertise of fifteen small factories. As a result, only 2000 of these kettles can be produced a month, turning the efficient boiling of water into an art. Of course, at CIBI we love it!

The large flat bottom brings water to the boil fast. The offset handle makes it easier to put boiling water. On a lighter note, Japanese kettles don't whistle, because traditionally they used to sit on top of a freestanding stove in the kitchen in winter to keep the room warm and moist like a modern day humidifier, and always ready with hot water for making tea and cooking.

Size:W24.4xD19XH20.5cm / 2.5L

Shipping Weight approx. 1.4