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New Hana Fukin (Japanese Kitchen Cloth)

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The Fukin (kitchen cloth) is one of the must-have in Japanese kitchens. This mesh 100% cotton cloth is amazing to use for pretty much anything in your kitchen.

This Hana-fukin is bigger than the usual fukin (30x40cm). It is thin enough that can be used for covering food but durable enough to use as tea towel. The more it is used, the softer it gets and works even better as a cleaning cloth - wiping the table, washing & cleaning dishes and pots & pans. It is also gentle and wipes away dirt on surfaces really well without scratching. Once you start using them, you can never go back to your old sponge or coarse brush.

A dish cloth made with one of the Nara's traditional specialities, Kayakiji (mosquito net). With two sheets of Kayakiji sewn together, it is very thin, easy to handle and excellent with water-absorbency but can dry quickly. Woven by a shuttle loom which is well-used for several decades, it is soft and has fluffy texture. Its edge is sewn by hand to make it more durable and preventing it to fray. The more you wash, the softer it becomes.

Size: 58cm x 58cm

Cotton 100%

Hana Fukin, made in Nara, Japan.