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Kamoshika Douguten 3 Go Rice Cooker (3 cups)

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This clay pot rice cooker is very simple and straightforward to use. Wash your rice well, add the appropriate amount of water, put the lid and turn on the heat. The results after 20 minutes will bring a smile to your face. Open the lid, and after the steam dissipates you see shiny hot freshly cooked rice. When the rice is cooked, it can go straight to the table. The thick walls of the clay has great heat retention, so your rice will stay warm throughout your meal. Leftover rice can be put into the  refrigerator together with the pot. Since it can be heated in a microwave, the excess water is absorbed by the pot, and the lack of water is given from the pot, so you can enjoy delicious rice that is almost freshly cooked.


Size: Ø22.5cm (Ø19cm inner bowl) x 12cm

Capacity: 3 cups (1 cup = 180ml)

Weight: 3020g = outer lid 690g + inner lid 600g + base 1730g

Material: Heat resistant pottery

Produced by: Kamoshika

Made in Japan


Before you use the pot:

Before you use the pot for the first time, to avoid cracking or ingrained odours, we recommend tempering the pot.

  1. Fill with water that has been used to wash rice (2 cups of rice), or water mixed with corn-starch or flour to 80% full.
  2. Bring to boil, then cool.
  3. Discard water, wash the pot well, and dry.
  4. It's ready to use.

Please do not use pot when the bottom of the pot is still wet, please wipe well and use.

Cannot be used on Induction Heat elements.


How to cook rice:

  1. Rinse 3 cups of rice with water, add 3 cups of water, and soak rice for 20 mins.
  2. Cook over high heat until the lid starts moving and steam comes out from under the lid (12-15mins), then turn the head to low for 5mins.
  3. Turn the heat off, leave for 20mins. Do not open the lid, as the rice is absorbing moisture.
  4. The rice is ready.

Other uses for the pot

  • You can cook pot-au-feu, casseroles, soup, hot pots.
  • You can keep the pot in the fridge. It is microwave safe too.