Shotoku Glass

Set of 2 Shotoku Glass Katachi: V Glass

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The shape of this series of glassware resembles the letter V. These hand-made glasses feature delicate patterns that show when liquid is poured in. Durable and lightweight, they make you feel as you are holding the drink itself. Cheers!


Set of 2 (Choose from 3 patterns) 


Size: Ø8.3cm x 9cm

Capacity: 265ml

Weight: 90g

Material: Glass

Producer: Shotoku Glass

Made in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan


Shotoku Glass

Shotoku Glass was originally established as a manufacturer of mouth-blown glass light bulbs. As the process of lightbulb making became automated, the artisans of Shotoku Glass shifted their focus on creating glassware. Taking the niche technique of mouth-blown glass they created glassware that are lightweight, incredibly thin and durable. These drinking glasses are so extremely fine and delicate, they make you feel as though you are holding the liquid itself.