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Sori Yanagi Stainless Steel Crab Fork

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Sori Yanagi Stainless Steel Crab Fork

Crab Fork: This cutlery is a good example of the clean lines, simplicity and functionality at the heart of Sori Yanagi's design.

Size: 18.3cm

Materials: 18-8 Stainless Steel

Dishwasher Safe


Sori Yanagi Cutlery

Sori Yanagi's stainless steel cutlery series exemplifies the Japanese tradition of superb craftsmanship, simplicity and ease of use.

Tastefully designed for specific tasks, each piece is inviting to use and extremely durable. Add your favourite piece one-by-one just like the craftsmen who make them one-by-one.

Designed by Sori Yanagi in 1974, The cutlery series won the prestigious Good Design Award in Japan. In 2001 the series won the Long Life Design Award for exceptional design and functionality. Made in Niigata, a region famous for the craftsmanship and quality of its stainless steel products.

All Sori Yanagi stainless steel products are dishwasher safe.