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This lunch box is a beautiful example of a classic bento box by the Japanese brand "THE", whose mission is to create new archetypes of everyday objects. Designed by Keita Suzuki and manufactured by Akao Aluminium Co., who are well respected in Japan and are known for making the blanks of the 1 Yen coin, THE Lunch Box is made of anodised aluminium making it sturdy and lightweight. An ideal material for food storage as it is odourless and hygienic. The proportions of THE Lunch Box is inspired by the Japanese flag, when filled with rice and placing a umeboshi (Japanese salted plum) in the center you can create a "Hinomaru" style bento which references the Japanese flag. 

Size: 12cm x 8cm x 4.5cm

Capacity: 375ml

Weight: 110g

Material: Anodised Aluminium

Producer: Akao Aluminium Co.

Designed by: Keita Suzuki

Made in Japan

As THE Lunch Box in not fully sealed, prevent putting foods that contain large amounts of liquid as it may leak.

Hand-wash only using soft sponge or dishcloth.

Not microwave safe.