Miyajima Kogei Seisakusho

Miyajima Wooden Turner

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These beautifully made wooden flat spatulas are perfect for cooking. The advantage of a wooden spatula is that it's lightweight, durable and will not scratch. It's great for non-stick, cast iron and enamel. The flat edge makes it a great scraping/flipping tool when cooking okonomi-yaki or yaki-soba. The smooth finish on the wood makes it a joy to use.


Small: 19.5cm x 5.5cm

Large: 26cm x 6.5cm

Material: Cherry Wood

Producer: Miyajima Kougei

Made in Miyajima, Hiroshima, Japan


Miyajima Kogei Seisakusho

Miyajima Kogei Seisakusho manufactures wooden kitchen tools in Miyajima, Hiroshima Prefecture. Yamazakura (Mountain Cherry Tree), which is mainly produced in the northern region of Hiroshima Prefecture, is used as the raw material for the ladles. Yamazakura is produced in the rich mountainous area near Miyajima, which makes high-quality materials accessible and at a reasonable price. The wood is hard and elastic, so it can withstand long-term use. With regular use the wood ages to a beautiful reddish colour. Thanks to the natural materials, the Shamoji (rice paddle) does not exude chemical odour but bring out a subtle aroma of wood, which encourage the deliciousness of rice and side dishes. Miyajima Kogei Seisakusho is dedicated to creating durable, functional tools that can be used without hesitation.