CIBI Everyday Glass #1 it OUT NOW!

CIBI Everyday Glass #1 it OUT NOW! - CIBI

Our first-ever CIBI everyday glass is OUT NOW!!!

Zenta designed – handmade for CIBI by Shotoku Glass in Tokyo. We wanted to create a glass for “everyday use” that expresses the CIBI spirit, with intriguing, timeless design matched by superb quality and functionality. Once you start using it, you’ll never sip back to your old glasses!

We are so pleased to introduce you to the pleasures of drinking from this newest glass on the planet, and share the back-story on its design and manufacture.

Zenta says:
“In creating this glass, I started with the key words ‘family’ and ‘joy’, a glass everyone can use everyday for any drink. It’s for kids and adults alike, and designed to enjoy sipping from, as well as pouring your drink into. For all us at CIBI, it is a first small CIBI step to design and sell our own glass. I hope you enjoy it with every sip.”

The Design: elegant simplicity In designing this glass, Zenta wanted to create a glass that isn’t too big so that our kids can use them everyday. Zenta also likes the human interaction of giving and receiving that comes naturally in pouring a drink, and the way the glass encourages people to pour for each other - a gesture of hospitality in Japanese culture.

The size of the glass also heightens awareness of the aromas and flavours. The volume is just right – even adults don’t need to use a big glass because one good mouthful is enough to enjoy your drink.

The glass’s form was inspired by two key influences. The first was to take advantage of the thinness of Shotoku’s usuhari glass to create a shape that is beautiful yet simple. Their craftsmanship in making thin elegant glass is a skill no one else in the world has mastered.

The second was to incorporate a Japanese element, in the ‘Koudai’ foot inspired by the base on traditional Japanese tea cups. Standing proud, it creates another appealing facet to the glass, complemented by the joy that the shadow thrown by its height and the drink in the glass brings to the table. Even the foot is hollowed out to enhanced the lightness of being.

The Function: a true all-purpose glass The CIBI #1 is a universal glass that will add to the enjoyment of any drink. We use this glass for serving beer, sake, wine and other spirits, as well as for water, juice, and iced tea. It engages your senses in the act of drinking, nicely balanced in the hand, and appealing to both aromas on the nose and flavours on the palate. Holding a good mouthful, it is a good size to satisfy your desire to drink.

It’s also nice to serve special bites to eat, such as fresh fruit and yoghurt, ice cream, and other treats.

CIBI #1: a family collaboration Since we opened CIBI in 2008, we’ve distributed glassware made by Shotoku glass in Tokyo. This growing relationship made them a natural partner to collaborate with on our first original glass, handblown by their master glassmakers. Like you, they’re part of CIBI family, and we believe we’re all part of their family too.

We hope you will enjoy many special moments with this glass, and look forward to it being the first in a CIBI family of glasses and custom products.

Thank you.

Zenta Tanaka
Creative director & co-founder

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