CIBI Perfect Chawan-mushi Recipe

CIBI Perfect Chawan-mushi Recipe

Perfect Chawan-mushi

Cooler evenings call for cosy warm food. Chawan-mushi perfectly suits to nurture yourself and your family. Chawan-mushi is a Japanese savoury egg custard dish steamed in pot. A delicious side dish to celebrate the changing season. We use our favourite steam pot donabe to make this simple comfort dish. Once it boils, turn the heat off, and let it steam for 30 minutes, that’s all! Donabe power!

Serves 4

2 eggs, beaten well
2 shiitake, or your favourite mushrooms, chopped
2 stalks asparagus or your favourite greens, chopped
100g silken tofu, cut into small pieces, can substitute with prawn or chicken
300ml dashi/chicken stock, chilled or room temperature. Hot stock will cook the eggs
10ml soy sauce
Pinch of salt
Some mitsuba (Japanese parsley), can be substituted with chives


Nagatanien Igamono Steam Pot Donabe - CIBI Nagatanien
1 Nagatanien Steam pot 


Small cups, bowls or ramekins - we use Kihara Nature Cup

Chop Shiitake, greens and tofu/meat into small pieces
Place chopped ingredients into each cup
Mix soy sauce and salt into dashi/stock and add to egg
Strain then pour the egg mixture into the cup
Place cup in Donabe
Fill water up to 1/3 to halfway of the donabe
Bring to boil
Once it starts boiling, turn the heat off, and put the lid on.
Let it steam for 30 min or until it sets.




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