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CIBI is proud to host a Miso Making Masterclass with Nancy Singleton Hachisu. Living in Japan since 1988 Nancy has authored Japan: The Cookbook, Preserving the Japanese Way and Japanese Farm Food, marking a significant contribution to the documentation and promotion of culinary traditions across Japan.  Please join us as Nancy walks through the centuries old process of the art of fermentation and miso making.  It will be a hands-on experience and a unique learning opportunity within a small intimate setting of 10-12 people only.
Date & Time: 11am - 1pm , Monday 10th June 2019 (Queen’s Birthday)
What : Traditional Japanese Miso Making Class
Hands on making your own Japanese miso, bring home in noda horo pot to ferment, rice Koji used for the workshop is produced in Japan by legendary shoyu & miso maker Yamaki jozo from organic Japanese rice. Nancy to go through process of making shoyu & miso, Q&A, accompany with tasting some authentic Japanese dishes using Japanese artisan products. Organic barley tea to be served.
Fee: $250pp 

Where: At CIBI