TOKYO WEEKS!! May 26-June 19

Summer, the CIBI way!!

Summer, the CIBI way!!
Balconies to backyards, 
simple Japanese flavours we love in sunshine!!
Seafood takes us to the coast, endless horizons and childhood food memories. 
CIBI pan fried salmon with daikon and yuzu ponzu, simple, delicious and summer perfect.  Season salmon and sprinkle with cornflour, shaking off excess. Pan fry over medium heat with a little olive oil in Nambu Tekki pan for 3 minutes (approximately), collecting crispy skin flavours along the way.  Plate, with grated daikon on top and a drizzle of yuzu ponzu, lending a refreshing citrus flavour.


..and to refresh before, during and after, Okabayashi Farm Yuzu Syrup, served daily at CIBI cafe.  Made in Kochi prefecture, Shikoku Island, Japan’s premium yuzu growing region.  Add to chilled sparkling water, mint from the garden, ice and listen to the joyful clinking sounds of Shotoku Glass and relax!!

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May 26 - June 19, creates a space for our community to enjoy and bring forward the joys of connection, the joys of new experience from Tokyo to Melbourne.