one + one!! Valentine's Day the CIBI way!!

one + one!! Valentine's Day the CIBI way!! - CIBI
CIBI Deliciousness - LOVE HEART gateau chocolat and berries for two!!
Available daily at CIBI cafe until Monday 14th February and/or click and collect to enjoy at home!!
Usuhari Glass for two!!
Bordeaux, burgundy, tsudumi beer glass
Usuhari glass, rose wine
Beauty in hand, crafted in Sumida district downtown Tokyo since 1922.
Exquisite usuhari (thin glass) made for two a Valentine's Day joy!!
Less than 1mm thick, lightness in hand, delicate crisp and
home to your favourite drop!!

Celebrate Valentine's Week at CIBI

Enjoy CIBI Japanese breakfast


Enjoy romantic delicious Mac Forbes Rose, and late summer beautiful plum soda, and love heart chocolate gateau

Valentine's week happiness at CIBI

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