Temaki sushi CIBI LOVE!!

Temaki sushi CIBI LOVE!! - CIBI

Temaki sushi CIBI LOVE!! Sharing story with SBS Food about our family meals. Temaki sushi in Japanese 'te' means hand and 'maki' means roll, hand rolled sushi. Delicious Valentine's Day joy, family time with CIBI cookbook as your guide. "It's a dish that brings people together, make create and enjoy at the table", Meg Tanaka.

CIBI temaki sushi packs, includes recipe available CIBI Grocery, CIBI Online store!!  


one + one!!
Valentine's Day the CIBI way!!

CIBI Deliciousness - LOVE HEART gateau chocolat and berries for two!!
Available daily at CIBI cafe until Monday 14th February and/or click and collect to enjoy at home!!
Chocolate cake
Celebrating seasonal flowers with these beautiful vases from Hakusan Porcelain, Valentine's day happiness!!
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