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Knife Yanagiba Hocho Sashimi Knife


Sashimi-bocho (Yanagi-ba-bocho)

Is a long and very thin knife used for slicing raw fish and seafood when preparing sashimi and sushi. In slicing raw fish it is important that the slice is smooth and sharp, and the yanagi-ba-bochi achieves this with an angle on the cutting face and flat back that enables a pulling cut to be made perfectly.

About our knives

Knives made of steel. This beautiful knife adds style and sharpness to the kitchen. It cuts things beautifully, and provides the satisfaction and sensation of using a well-made tool appropriate to the task, heightening your enjoyment of each ingredient. Using it may sharpen your appetite as well!

Japanese knives are designed for specific tasks, so you may want to use them individually for the different ingredients you are working with. The Sashimi bocho is for thinly slicing fish for sashimi! Enjoy cooking!

Picture from Left: Sashimi bocho, right hander.

Sizes: Sashimi 240mm

Care Instruction