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Temaki Sushi Making Pack

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Sushi has long been an iconic Japanese dish. There are many types - nigiri sushi, maki-sushi, chirahi-sushi - but this temaki sushi is probably the most common form cooked and eaten in Japanese homes.

Temaki is eaten similar to Mexican tacos, with nori and rice in place of corn tortillas. Fill it with your favourite toppings, dip it in soy sauce and enjoy! It's a great way to include kids to help prepare their own food and makes for a great home party meal.


Pack includes:

CIBI's Temaki-sushi recipe

Sushi Nori sheet

Japanese "Hitome-bore" Rice 500g

Amazu (Sushi-vinegar)

Wasabi powder

Tamari Soy sauce

Sushi rice paddle, proudly made by craft people in Miyajima, Hiroshima Japan

 *All you need to add is your favourite vegetables and fish or meat to wrap!