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Noda Horo Amu Kettle

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The Amu kettle has a timeless and elegant design with a splash of vibrant colour, no wonder it's one of our most popular kettles. It looks great on the stove, on the shelf and of course on your dining table. The enamel surface is easy-to-clean, durable and long-lasting. It features a sturdy handle and a large pointed spout that allows for easy handling.

Size: 23cm x 18.2cm x 19.5cm

Capacity: 2L

Weight: 1000g

Material: Enamel

Colours: Black / Blue / Green / Red / White

Producer: Noda Horo

Made in Japan

Designed by: Fumie Shibata

Available: Microwave: × Dishwasher: × Stovetop: ○ Induction: ○ (IH 100V/200V) Oven: ×

Instruction for Enamel Kettle

Noda Horo

Noda Horo is a dedicated enamelware manufacturer that have been crafting enamel products since 1934. Their products are known for meticulous craftsmanship and iconic designs that have made their way to many Japanese homes through generations.

Enamelware is long-lasting, doesn't produce environmental toxins, and keeps food fresh and germ free - ideal for storage.