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Miso Making Kit

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Winter comfort and our hearts turn to miso making.

The cooler months allow the miso time to rest before the warm months approach and the fermentation kicks into gear.

The CIBI Miso Making Kit include portioned ingredients of soy beans, Japanese salt and kome koji. A Noda Horo 2 litre stacker (your miso’s home!!) a CIBI marché bag and miso making recipe a CIBI invitation into the joys of fermentation and home made miso!!

How to make miso

Select your favourite CIBI hamper, Japanese design and CIBI yumminess, the perfect combination to share with family and friends.

We are very pleased to introduce this Miso making kit! 

Try to make your own miso this holiday season? perfect idea - its a good effort but very satisfying!

This Hamper includes:

- a Noda Horo stocker 2L

- a Soy beans

- a Japanese salt

- a Kome koji

- CIBI's miso making Recipe 

- CIBI Marche bag