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Paper balloon - Watermelon


Kami-fusen (Japanese paper blow-up balloons)

Paper blow-up balloons originated in Japan in the 1890s, and since then they have been the loved toys among generations of children. This simple toy remains the same today you simply blow into the hole and set the balloon flying. Though times have changed, the lovely shape and decoration of these balloons ensure they are still popular among children and adults alike. They are also used as interior decorations.

This style of hand-made paper balloon has been produced since the 1920s by the wives of fishermen in northern Japan. Today they are one of the last remaining makers in Japan and continue to adhere to their traditional hand-made manufacturing process. They are sure to warm your heart and bring a life-affirming smile!

Once you thread a string through a fin of fish and hang it from the ceiling, it becomes a great baby mobile!

Instructions: Simply blow into the hole and set aloft !

Made in Japan