Kihara Porcelain Sitaku Coffee Set

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ihara's Sitaku collection are kitchen tools that are designed to be easy to use at the dining table, based on the concept of "vessels that can be used as tools."

The coffee dripper has a conical shape with a large hole in the center, allowing for fast extraction and a refreshing taste.

Porcelain does not transfer odours and are highly durable and heat retaining. if the dripper or pot is warmed up in advance, it will keep better temper during brewing. We recommend a paper filter that is sized for 3 to 4 cups. It is designed to fit perfectly into the Sitaku Pot for a full filter coffee set.

The Sitaku Pot has a clean design with a removable stainless steel tea strainer inside the pot so that it can be used as a coffee server by placing the Sitaku Dripper on it. It also has a wide opening and is easy to clean. It's a generous size, so it's useful when one cup isn't enough. The large handle allows for a firm grip and a nice balance for a controlled pour.

Coffee Dripper
Size: Ø11.5cm x 9cm

Weight: 520g

Size: Ø12cm x 9.3cm

Weight: 720g

Capacity 500ml

Material: Porcelain

Producer: Kihara

Designer: Makoto Koizumi

Made in: Hasami, Nagasaki, Japan