Kiya "Yoshi-hisa" Nakiri Japanese Vegetable Knife

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Nakiri is a Japanese vegetable knife. It is a unique kitchen knife because of its flat straight edge blade and its blade length which tends to be longer than many other prep knives.

Kiya's "Yoshi-Hisa" range of kitchen knives are designed to make cutting bulky vegetables or peeling a breeze. Unlike many other Japanese knives, this range features a double-bevel edge which is easier to maintain and works well with either hand.

The blade of Nishi-style (Western) has a squared heel, whereas the Higashi-style (Eastern) is a less common type of Nakiri with rounded heel. It is also taller towards the front than it is at the heel and allows a more subtle motions when making smaller cuts or mincing.

Size: Blade length


Blade: Carbon steel / Handle: wood

Made in Japan 

See our knife guide for knife maintenance and care. 
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