Motoshige Suri Bowl - Japanese Ceramic Mortar and Pestle

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We love this Japanese mortar (suribachi) and wooden pestle (surikogi).

Suri bowl make cooking fun and easy with hand-worked jagged grooves inside. With the sharp jagged grooves, the Suri bowl easily grinds ingredients into a fine paste or powder. Suri bowl's wide bottom, non-slip silicon rubber makes it stable while grinding. Its steep sides can keep ingredients in the centre and prevent them from spreading out.

Size & Weight :

Mortar  120mm x 110mm x 65mm 335g
Pestle 180mm 35g

Mortar 155mm x 145mm x 85mm 610g
Pestle 240mm 55g

Mortar 185x185x100mm 1000g
Pestle 300mm 85g

Colour: Black or white

Material: Ceramic, silicone bottom grip, Sawagurumi wood pestle

Producer: Motoshige

Made in Shimane Prefecture, Japan

Available: Microwave: Dishwasher: ○Stovetop: ×Induction: ×Oven: ×

*Please wash wooden pestle by hand and dry after each use.