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Okawa Glass "Tesage" Hand Bottle

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This iconic glass jar, first created in 1976 as a honey carrier, was designed for a honey farm as a vessel for carrying fresh honey.
 "Tesage", means "to tote" in Japanese. It features a screw-on lid, making it easy to carry anything.
With a wide-mouthed glass jar, it makes for a great storage container for your favourite food and drinks.
Glass jars are well known for preserving the true flavour and scent of the inside contents. The jar's airtightness also ensures that its contents stay fresh and delicious for as long as possible.

Care instruction:
Sudden temperature changes might crack the glass. Dishwasher safe. 

Size: Ø12.6 cm x 20 cm

Capacity: 1500ml

Weight: 850g

Material: Body: Glass Lid: Polypropylene

Producer: Okawa Glass

Made in Japan

Okawa Glass
Okawa Glass is a family-run business in Tokyo that has been manufacturing sustainable glass containers since 1916.