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Otsuki Knives - Sashimi Knife

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The long blade allows for a perfect pulling cut due to its flat back. This thinly-crafted, D-shaped handle knife is ideal for slicing raw fish and seafood when preparing sashimi and sushi, ensuring smooth and sharp slices every time.

Blade length: 195mm

Knife length: 340mm


Material: Blade: Yasugi Steel / Handle: Magnolia wood

Producer: Otsuki Knives

Made in Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan


Otsuki Knives

Takahashi City, North of Okayama City, in the beautiful countryside of Okayama prefecture is home to Otsuki Takeshi-san, sole craftsperson and owner of Otsuki knives, meticulously transforms blocks of solid metal into refined blades, forging, sharpening, and assembling each knife by hand. These pieces offer intuitive beauty, form, and functionality designed for purpose. Otsuki-san also specialises in making farming tools such as sickles & spears for Gobo (Japanese burdock), lotus root, peeling wild nuts, and pruning stone fruit trees in winter.