Mujun Togistone Whetstone Set (3pcs)

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The best way to sharpen your Japanese Knife. Experience the satisfaction and joy in the maintenance and care of your knives.

Togi Stone is a set of three Whetstones for sharpening the blade and giving a fresh edge. The word ‘whet’ translates ‘to sharpen’ and the stone constitutes a compressed ceramic block. The stones are divided across three categories rough 100-250 grit, medium 800-1000 grit and fine 5000-6000 grit finishing stone. The different grades or levels of coarseness give more control in adjusting the edge. Before sharpening the stones are submerged in water for approximately 15 minutes, except the fine grit finishing stone. The subsequent movement of the blade upon the stone produces a slurry like wet paste that is the lubricant required to sharpen your knife. Detailed instructions including illustrations are provided with the Whetstones for your convenience.

The medium stone with 800-1000 grit, is the most commonly used stone to maintain a consistent and beautiful sharp edge.


MUJUN is a collection of young designers from Kobe Japan, celebrating traditional Japanese craftsmanship. The Japanese Knives are made in Miki City in Hyogo Prefecture, a region of Japan with the longest history of forging in Japan.