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Hakusan P-type Tea Cup and Wooden Saucer

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The "P" was designed as a handle of cup while the rest of design is simple and minimalist. The refreshing blue and pure white colouring ensure the design is till modern and fresh today.  Available in Blue handle and Pink handle

Gold prize, 1975 Faenza International Ceramic Art Exhibition in Italy.

Tea Cup Size: Ø7 x 6.5 cm

Capacity: 160ml

Weight: 180g

Wooden Saucer Size: 12cm square

Weight: 80g

Material: Porcelain

Producer: Hakusan Porcelain

Made in Hasami City, Nagasaki, Japan

Designed by: Masahiro Mori (1974)

Available: Tea Cup Microwave ○, Dishwasher ○, Stovetop × Induction×, Oven ×

Wooden Saucer Microwave ×, Dishwasher ×, Stovetop ×, Induction×, Oven ×

The handle has 'air holes' that are necessary for he manufacturing method. Water may enter through this hole and may drain out when in use. To prevent this make sure to drain with this hole facing down before using.