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CIBI Organic Japanese Tea - Hojicha

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Hojicha is a roasted tea at high temperatures turning the dried leaves into a light brown colour and removing the majority of the bitterness. It is often referred to as "people's tea" and is generally served during or after a meal in Japan. This tea has a light-reddish-brown appearance with a mild and sweet toasty flavour. It has less caffeine than other Japanese teas making it a great afternoon or evening drink.

Weight: 100g

Origin: Nagasaki, Japan (Kyushu, in southern Japan)

Storage method: Store in a cool, dark place away from heat and humidity. Best stored in a tea canister.

Premium loose leaf tea, packaged in a high quality vacuum-sealed package to retain freshness.


Tea leaves: 3g / 1 teaspoons
Hot water: 250ml
Steeping time/temperature: 60sec/90-95°C