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Matsuya 3-dan-jyu-bako (nest of boxes 3 layers)

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A surprise inside.  Crafted stacked box made from Tamo tree.  Minimal design to celebrate the raw texture of the timber grain.  Open the lid and unpack the cube to reveal the deep rich beauty of Japanese lacquer.  Traditionally used as part of the Japanese new year dish, Osechi-ryori,  CIBI recommends using it every day.  A perfect home for jewellery or items close to your heart.

Established in 1905, Matsuya-shikki, follows a rich tradition of manufacturing Echizen lacquerware in Fukui prefecture, dating back 1500 years.  Craftsmanship, is knowledge passed through generations of hands to enjoy today.

Size: W15cm×D15cm×H15cm

Material: Wood (Ash) / Coating: wood resin (lacquer)

Producer: Matsuya Shikki

Made in Sabae City, Fukui, Japan

Available: Microwave:X, Dishwasher:X, Oven:X

*How to care: Refrain from soaking in water and wipe off the moisture immediately after washing.


Matsuya Lacquerware Shop

Matsuya Lacquerware Store has been manufacturing and selling Echizen lacquerware (Echizen lacquerware) in the Kawada area of Sabae, Fukui Prefecture, since 1905. The company has developed highly original products that suit modern lifestyles while remaining a traditional lacquerware craft.