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Noda Horo Nomaku Enamel Milk Pan

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Noda Horo's new series Couleur.

This unique milk pan with a 'boat' shape is designed for easy pouring. Spouts on both sides of the pan allow easy drainage with either hand. This pan is designed to take advantage of the strength and beauty of enamel that extends out with a square handle offering more sensitive tilt control.

Size: 26.6cm x 13.5cm x 7.5cm

Capacity: 1L

Weight: 620g

Material: Enamelled Steel / Wooden Handle

Colours: Grey

Producer: Noda Horo

Made in Japan

Available: Microwave: × Dishwasher: × Stovetop: ○ Induction: ○ (Compatible with IH100V 200V), Oven: ×

Enamel Care

The surface of enamel is coated in a porcelain lining. It may crack or chip from heavy shocks, drops or if cooled too rapidly. Do not use metallic scrubber or a detergent containing abrasive components. Wash and thoroughly dry after use to prevent rusting,

Noda Horo

Noda Horo is a dedicated enamelware manufacturer that have been crafting enamel products since 1934. Their products are known for meticulous craftsmanship and iconic designs that have made their way to many Japanese homes through generations.

Enamelware is long-lasting, doesn't produce environmental toxins, and keeps food fresh and germ free - ideal for storage.