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CIBI Ramen Kit for 2 - Pickup only

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CIBI Ramen Kits are back!

Learn how to create delicious home-style ramen with CIBI. Fresh portioned ingredients are prepped and packed in the CIBI kitchen along with an easy recipe to guide. Make your own dashi and become the ramen master of the house. Super delicious!!

CIBI Classic Ramen Kit Includes:
  • 2 packs of ramen noodles 
  • Red miso paste
  • CIBI dashi pack 
  • Housemade soy sauce stock 
  • Housemade pork chashu 
  • CIBI recipe

We recommend serving ramen in Hakusan Ramen Bowls with Hakusan Renge Soup Spoons or getting the Hakusan Ramen Set.

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