Tsugaru Vidro

Tsugaru Vidro Sake Glass with Masu

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These sake glasses have a light colour tone that blend into the glass. The design expresses the soft, subtle fragrance of a gentle spring breeze. The shape of the glass allows the aroma of the sake to accumulate in the glass, allowing you to enjoy the delicate nuances of the aroma. The colour glow and reflect different colours depending on the light and breathes life to the liquid. The glass is set within a masu, a wooden box use traditionally to measure rice, encourages filling the glass over the rim.

Size: Ø55mm × H 95mm,

76mm x 76mm x 46mm (Masu)

Capacity: 100ml (Glass), 180ml (Masu)

Material: Glass

Producer: Hokuyo Glass

Made in Tsugaru City, Aomori, Japan

Light Green
Inspired by green fields with bright yellow flowers.

Reminiscent of the deep blue sky with pink clouds at dusk.

Hokuyo Glass

In 1949, Hokuyo Glass began as a company that produced floats for fishing, which were highly praised for their superior quality and eventually led to them becoming the preeminent float manufacturer of Japan. Subsequently, the company shifted to producing plastic floats, using the techniques of glass blowing previously acquired through the manufacturing of floats. Aomori's isolated location limits transportation, prompting the craftspeople to incorporate diverse raw materials, such as coloured glass, in-house. In 1977, they developed their signature moulding technique mixed with coloured glass and gave life to Tsugaru Vidro, tableware and flower vases inspired by the colours of the seasons. The craftspeople have dedicated themselves to technical development, consistently striving to create various coloured glass combinations and mastering skilful techniques.