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Turtle Brush: Body Brush


If you like a slightly hardcore Japanese tawashi body brush, you should give a go with this. This is a body scrub version of Tawashi. Designed & made for human use - much softer than usual tawashi for cleaning.

A tawashi is a traditional Japanese scrubbing brush used for washing off dirt and mud. The kamenoko tawashi (turtle tawashi) is a tradition tawashi made from the hemp palm fibre. It is hard and durable yet flexible, excellent for scrubbing potatoes and other root vegetables, washing kitchen utensils, bathtubs, muddy shoes and the like. It should not to use for scrubbing delicate goods like small children no matter how much you are tempted. After use, simply shake it out and leave it to dry. 

At CIBI we love the simplicity and functionality of the kamenoko tawashi: it has been made with the same name, design and quality - and enjoyed the same popularity - for over 100 years!!