Yamacoh Cooked Rice Box "Ohitsu" 18cm (3.5cups)

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A Ohistu is a wooden rice container with a lid that is used to keep steamed rice warm and prevent it from drying out. It is used as a service vessel and has groves at the base to allow for a good grip. The natural wood helps absorb any moisture to prevent the rice from sticking together and soft. It is made of Japanese Sawara wood from the Kiso region of Japanese and is handmade in a traditional method.

Naturally grown Sawara wood contains more resin than other types of trees. They have higher water resistance and durability and natural antibacterial effects.

Size: Ø18cm x 12.5cm

Weight: 600g

Capacity: 630ml

Materials: Sawara wood and copper

Made in Japan

The wood is natural and untreated with any finish and will keep as long as it is hand-washed and dried thoroughly to prevent black stains. Prevent the use of any chemicals or detergents. A small amount of vinegar or sterilising alcohol can be used to wipe any natural resin that may seep out. Prevent the wood from staying wet by drying thoroughly as it can cause shrinkage or cracks.