Afternoon with Michael James, with Sori Yanagi design bowls & strainers

Afternoon with Michael James, with Sori Yanagi design bowls & strainers - CIBI


“In these beautiful bowls, with the steep design the dough stays snug inside,”    - Michael James.

 Michael James with Olive sourdough and sori yanagi bowls, yuzu olive oil



CIBI Design Month joins master baker Michael James at home, in the kitchen.     

Afternoon with Michael James, author of The Tivoli Road Baker and All Day Baking, invites CIBI into the kitchen. We visited Michael James one afternoon and enjoyed the conversation and watching his beautiful creation using Sori Yanagi Designed bowls & strainers.

Sori Yanagi Bowl & strainer

Fair to say, the day could not arrive quick enough, having savoured Michael’s creations many times.  The afternoon menu included, Yuzu oil doughnuts with lemon curd filling and fresh raspberries on the side, yes please!!  A delicious sourdough spotted with green and black olives, fresh herbs and a drizzle of lemon oil. 

Sori Yanagi bowl and olive sourdough

To witness Michael’s deft craftsmanship and chat of our shared loved of Sori Yanagi designed stainless steel bowls and strainers, simple afternoon perfection. 

Michael whisking lemon curd in Sori Yanagi bowl

CIBI Design store Sori Yanagi collection and Michael James recipes to inspire a long weekend of baking happiness. Thank you Michael!

Sori Yanagi designAt home in the worlds yumminess of kitchens!! alongside with Michael James's recipe books, The Tivoli Road Baker and All Day Baking, now all available at CIBI Design store and CIBI Online store. 

sori yanagi bowl and strainer with Michael James' all day baking book


Q&A with Michael James:


Q: What did you make with bowls? What did you use strainers for?

I made Yuzu Oil Doughnuts in the large bowl. 

I used the small strainer and bowl to catch the pips and for the juice for the lemon curd which will be used as a filling for the doughnuts. I also used the small stainer and bowl to wash the raspberries as they will be used as a garnish for the doughnuts.

 I used the large mixing bowl to whisk my lemon curd over a pan of simmering water until it thickened then whisked in the butter off the heat. It was very easy to use. 

I made a sourdough in the large bowl and used the strainer to drain the green and black olives and then add Fresh herbs and then drizzle some lemon oil over the olives for added flavour , then I added olive mixture straight into the sourdough base and continued mixed in the bowl.

Sori Yanagi Bowl with Yuzu oil brioche dough

Q: What did you like the most when you are using the bowls & strainers?


I love the design and shape of the bowls for bread making as you can make 1, 2 or 3 loaves in these beautiful bowls and with the steep design the dough stays snug inside. Which makes it easier to fold the dough and on a cold day help to maintain a good temperature, as there is less surface area exposed. So I love the design from a bread dough point of view. 

The strainers are awesome as I can strain my inclusion for bread like olives or soaked fruit before I add them to my doughs. Or washed fruit and salad leaves. They also make for a great prover basket, ideal size and shape and the holes are great as it lets the air circulate.

Whisking is great in these bowls, it is brilliantly designed to be way more efficient so you use less energy whilst whisking, as the mixture stays at the bottom of the bowl, due to the steeper sides, ( it does not spread out like conventional bowls)  it’s ready quicker, especially if you make a curd or mayonnaise, this can take time and energy but this bowl will save your arms. 


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