Nagatanien Igamono Fukkura-san Tagine Pot

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This tagine-style donabe takes the shape of a tagine and incorporates a metal grate making it a versatile and unique cooking tool. Can be used with or without the grate or lid depending on the use case. The grate allows for gentle roasting, the addition of the lid allows the heat to surround the ingredient. Remove the grate and use it as a stir fry pan, add the lid and use it as a stewing pot. 

Size: Ø31.5cm x 16.5cm

Capacity: 500ml

Weight: 3kg

Material: Clay

Producer: Nagatani-en

Made in Iga, Mie Prefecture, Japan

Instruction for Fukkura-san Tagine pot

  • Fukkura-san is both microwave and oven friendly. However when you use a microwave, please remove the metal wire.
  • Pot is always dry when you use- *if your pot is still wet, it could cause cracking when you use.
  • Never cool down or never put cold water onto hot pot. -  Never put hot pot to very cold spot immediately, or never add cold water into hot pot as it may crack or break.
  • Please NEVER use for deep-fry. - Please do not use the pot as deep-fryer as it may catch fire.
  • No Induction Heater. - You cannot use it on IH induction.
  • May damage your furniture.-  Bottom of the pot can scratch your bench or tabletop. Also, a pot from a cooktop can be very hot and it may burn your bench or tabletop. Please use the pot stand.
  • Do not burn yourself - When pot is cooking, please handle carefully. Never touch with your hand, use with oven mitts. Never put on top of flammable items.
  • “Medome” is not required to this Fukkura-san  - Not like other donabe pot, you do not need to do “Medome (cook porridge)” prior to using this pot.
  • Cracks on pot  - The cracks you may see on the surface of pot is cracks on the grazing, not cracks in the pot. It won’t affect using pot at all.
  • Recommended cleaning tools - Tawashi & Fukin are the best friends of Donabe. Tawashi - turtle brush won't scratch the surface of the donabe.


Established in 1832, Nagatani-en, follows a rich tradition of manufacturing Iga-yaki dating back 1300 years. Iga-yaki (Iga-style) pottery is one of Japan’s most highly-regarded traditional ceramics and is said to have originated in Iga, Mie-Prefecture in late 7th Century. At Nagatani-en, each donabe is made by hand with care and takes about 2 weeks to produce an individual donabe. Nagatani-en’s Iga-yaki products have been loved by both professionals and home cooks in Japan.