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Tendo Mokko Murai Stool

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Tendo Mokko - Murai Stool (S5026TK-NT)

An iconic mid-century Japanese design piece that's made with three pieces of moulded plywood of the same shape without any metal fittings. It has a beautiful grain of the teak wood that meets towards the centre of the stool. It can be used as a chair, side table, or even stacked as a shelf. Murai is the designer, Reiko Tanabe's maiden name.


Size: 36cm x 36cm x 45cm

Weight: 3.3 kg

Material: Teak Wood

Producer: Tendo Mokko

Designed by: Reiko Tanabe

Made in Japan

Tendo Mokko

Tendo Mokko was established in 1940 in Tendo, which has long been known as a woodworking town famous for the Japanese chess pieces it produced. Tendo City is right in the middle of Yamagata Prefecture in the Tohoku area of Japan. Yamagata artisans have always had a mentality that combined curiosity, technique and the patience of the people of the North. In 1940, techniques to use moulded plywood were still new in Japan, and it opened up a new field of furniture making in the country. They were one of the first companies in Japan to use formed plywood to mass-produce quality furniture. Today Tendo furniture is durable and easy to use and have expanded to collaborate with top Japanese architects with top Japanese architects impossible with natural wood. When Tendo considers excellence in furniture, they imagine family assets original owners can hand down to the next generation. Tendo delivers furniture that parents will want to pass on to their children, who will in turn leave it to their own children.