Kihara Arita Rice Bowl Gosu-zome Red

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The traditional Gosu dyeing process is one of the oldest methods used in Arita ware production. This specific collection has been crafted from a raw and coarse clay composition and then dyed, creating a natural aesthetic. Though crafted from porcelain, the Kihara Arita Rice Bowl has a character akin to earthenware.

Size: Ø11cm x 7cm

Material: Porcelain

Producer: Arita Porcelain

Made in Saga, Japan

Available: Microwave:○, Dishwasher:


KIHARA, INC. is a Japanese porcelain-producing company based in Arita; a well know historical porcelain industrial area with a 400-year history. When you see Arita porcelain products, you realize how they differ from other porcelain, especially in the tone of white and beautiful artwork.