Kihara Komon Chopstick Rest

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Chopstick rests from the Komon series, a modern arrangement of traditional Japanese patterns handed down from ancient times.

The feature of these chopstick rests is slightly larger and have a hollow in the centre for stability and to hold the chopsticks in place.
It can be used for everyday use as well as for welcoming guests.


Size: Ø 40mm, H 10mm

Material: Porcelain 

Producer: KIHARA Porcelain

Made in Hasami City, Nagasaki, Japan

Available: Microwave:○  Dishwasher:


Mt Fuji: Mount Fuji is said to be the spiritual mountain of Japan and is believed to bring good luck as a mountain where spiritually sacred power rests. Fuji is still a much-loved symbol of Japan.

Hyotan: The Japanese gourd is said to symbolise prosperity of descendants because of its many seeds, and prosperity of business because of its entangling with things.

Little Bird: The fan-shaped pattern symbolizes "spreading out", and is a good luck design in combination with the small birds which symbolizing safety from trouble.

Plum&Crane: The crane has been loved by people as a symbol of 'longevity'. This design combines the plum blossom and the crane, reminding us of the coming of spring.

Chopstick rest

In Japan, we never just put our chopsticks directly on the table. When we’re not using them we rest them on a hashioki. The idea is to keep chopstick tips off the table and to prevent them from getting dirty or dropping on the floor. Chopstick rests come in various shapes and designs, and have long ago transcended function to become table decorations, ranging in design from whimsical to stylish. Designs often reflect the season and seasonal produce, adding another nuance to the presentation and the enjoyment of a meal.