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CIBI Everyday Takeaway Cup


Simple everyday pleasure, CIBI is proud to launch the CIBI Everyday Takeaway Cup


CIBI Everyday Cup for your everyday's takeaway


We want to contribute to our environment. 

We want to waste less takeaway cups.

We want to change the concept of buying takeaway coffee. 

We want to enjoy takeaway coffee the right way.

We want to do the best we can for now.

Coffee would taste the best to be consumed in a cup. 

Use any cup you like or use your favourite if you want to takeaway. 

We thought you might enjoy our CIBI Takeaway Cup because of its story. 

Terracotta is an environmentally friendly material.

Natural insulation to keep your coffee warm.

It looks beautiful and has a glazed smooth rim for your lip.

Made locally by hand to be enjoyed by everyone.




Size: 8 oz / Materials : terracotta

A happy friends collaboration between CIBI and Slow Clay Centre, beautiful ceramic design to replace single use cups.