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Sori Yanagi Design SS Tea Spoon


Sori Yanagi designed a series of stainless steel cutlery for specific tasks. Check out our grapefruit spoons, ice cream spoons, cake forks, cocktail muddlers, crab forks and a whole lot more!
They are tastefully designed, cute little pieces that make you smile while you are using them! Add your favourite piece one-by-one just like the craftsmen who make them one-by-one!

Coffee or Tea spoon: Designed by Sori Yanagi in 1974, this cutlery is a good example of the clean lines, simplicity and functionality at the heart of Sori Yanagi's design. Yanagi's cutlery won the prestigious Good Design Award in Japan. In 2001 the series won the Long Life Design Award for exceptional design and functionality. They are made in Niigata, a region famous for the craftsmanship and quality of its stainless steel products. Dishwasher safe.

Picture from Left: Coffee spoon, Tea spoon

Size: Coffee spoon 118mm, Tea spoon 140mm