Tsugaru Vidro

Tsugaru Vidro Sphere Flower Vase

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Hokuyo Glass, which produces Tsugaru Vidro, began in 1949 with the manufacture of floating balls for the fishing industry.

Tsugaru Vidro Sphere Flower Vase is cute from all angles, with a rounded shape.
It is palm-sized and looks great even with just one small wildflower in it, softly brightening up the room.

Size: Ø 70mm × H 65mm

Material: Glass

Producer: Hokuyo Glass

Made in Tsugaru City, Aomori, Japan

Available: Microwave: x  Dishwasher: x 


HANABI (Sparkling red)

Sparkling red and orange as the main colours, the piece expresses the momentary beauty of fireworks in the night sky, with a variety of coloured grains sprinkled on the glass.

YAYOI (Light green, yellow, pink)

With warm line, three delicate colours and clearness soothe the eye.

STARRY NIGHT (Blue dots and yellow stripes)

Dark blue speckles of the night sky and yellow stripes representing the stars streaking across the horizon.


Hokuyo Glass

In 1949, Hokuyo Glass began as a company that produced floats for fishing, which were highly praised for their superior quality and eventually led to them becoming the preeminent float manufacturer of Japan. Subsequently, the company shifted to producing plastic floats, using the techniques of glass blowing previously acquired through the manufacturing of floats. Aomori's isolated location limits transportation, prompting the craftspeople to incorporate diverse raw materials, such as coloured glass, in-house. In 1977, they developed their signature moulding technique mixed with coloured glass and gave life to Tsugaru Vidro, tableware and flower vases inspired by the colours of the seasons. The craftspeople have dedicated themselves to technical development, consistently striving to create various coloured glass combinations and mastering skilful techniques.