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Usuhari Daiginjyo

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"Daiginjyo" is "super-premium" Japanese sake that is best appreciated served chilled like a fine white wine. Its fruity scent and flavour are achieved by special low-temperature fermentation of carefully elected rice.

Shotoku Glass was successful in producing a glass that can draw out more of the flavour and the taste of this Japanese sake. This special glassware has a projection of glass at its bottom and the glass is very thin at its bottom and the glass is very thin at its mouth. You will surely be surprised at the sweet scent of this Japanese sake and you will experience the flush of it when you take a sip.

When you want to enjoy the aroma and the taste of any Japanese sake, drinking it from this glass will make the experience more palatable. This glass is also suited for drinking wine.


Usuhari - “The elegance of ultra-thin glass”

These remarkably thin drinking glasses called “Usu-hari” (thin glass) are each carefully hand blown and crafted by master craftsmen in the Sumida district in downtown Tokyo. They are created using the same techniques that was traditionally used for hand-making glass light bulbs. Less than 1mm thick, the feel of it in your hands, the sound ice makes when it is swirled in the glass, and fineness of the rim is truly exquisite—and unique to this glass.

“Usuhari” appear to be extremely delicate but it can be handled like normal glassware. So experience and enjoy this exquisite glass for yourself often. It adds an exquisite touch to enjoying your favourite drink.

Size: 54 x 90 / 250ml