Kihara Matcha Bowl (Chawan)

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Cream White
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Matcha Bowl, known as Chawan in Japanese, is a tea bowl used for whisking and drinking powdered green tea. It allows the drinker to feel the warmth of the bowl with both hands and take in the aromas. Matcha bowls are usually large, contrasting the small amount of tea, following the tradition of how Matcha has been served in Japan. This Chawan, has foot-rings that are intentionally left unglazed which help prevent it from moving when Matcha is being whisked. It is best used with a coaster, mat or tray.

Pair it with a Matcha Whisk (Chasen) Tea Whisk Stand (Chasen-tate), Matcha Scoop (Cha-shaku) and quality Matcha powder to create a full Matcha experience.

Also available: Kayo Sansui Matcha Bowl (Chawan)


Size: Ø125mm x 65mm

Weight: 250g

Material: Porcelain

Colours: Cream White, Brick Red, Dark Brown

Producer: Kihara

Made in Japan