Kayo Sansui

Kayo Sansui Matcha Bowl (Chawan)

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Matcha tea masters generally commission Master Yoshiaki Niguma for matcha bowls to collect or to commemorate a significant event which often considered art pieces. 
He has nearly 50 years of practice in pottery yet is still humble and often says he's "still learning" with a smile. His studio overlooks his farm and beautiful rice fields in Okayama and gains inspiration from the beauty of nature. Using mainly natural materials he surrounds his work space that would seem more like a cosy country-side home.

We have a long standing relationship working with Master Yoshi so he created a limited batch of matcha bowls just for us to share with our community.

This limited batch of bowls are made for CIBI. Each piece has a slightly different pattern due to the mix of clay that Master Yoshi uses, so each one has a unique personality. Look closely and you will see the fine touches that have been formed into the bowl. The subtle ridge along the outside of the bowl to allow for a better grip and the mesmerising swirl in the centre. 

Pair it with a Matcha Whisk (Chasen) Tea Whisk Stand (Chasen-tate), Matcha Scoop (Cha-shaku) and quality Matcha powder to create a full Matcha experience.


Size: Ø9cm x 13cm

Capacity: ~500ml

Weight: 350g

Producer: Kayo Sansui

Made in Toyono, Okayama,  Japan


Kayo Sansui

Yoshiaki Niguma, sole craftsperson and owner of Kayo-sansui pottery. Each piece is hand-thrown off-the-hump by master Yoshi in his intimate studio. Thrown off the hump is a technique where a large mound of clay is placed on the wheel and centred. Then each piece is formed above the hump and cut. Not only efficient, this technique minimises waste and can be very efficient yet takes tremendous skill to do properly. in the intimate studio. A CIBI family friend, Kayo-sansui is located in the township of Toyono, Okayama.