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Weekend Menu

8:00 ‒ 15:00


Based on CIBI grandmotherʼs ʻAsa Gohanʼ breakfast *gf option

Traditional  25

Grilled sliced salmon fillet, free range ʻTamagoyakiʼ egg omelette,
seasonal vegetables ae-mono, potato salad,
CIBI rice blend, heartful miso soup.

More vegetable  25

Seasonal cooked vegetables, free range ʻTamagoyakiʼ egg omelette,
seasonal vegetables ae-mono, potato salad,
CIBI rice blend, heartful miso soup.

Ultimate  30

With your choice of Traditional or More vegetable plate,
WITH Natto (fermented soybeans),
umeboshi (sour plum), nori
(dried seaweed), seasonal pickled vegetables.

Mumʼs Scramble Eggs  18.5 *veg

Two free-range eggs, cherry tomato, spring onion, tamari, mizuna,
on your choice of seeded sourdough or
CIBI rice blend (*gf) with choice of
+ Avocado 5
+ Sautéed mushrooms 5.5
+ Spinach with ginger & sesame 5
+ Feta 5
+ Koji meatballs 8

Miso Baked Egg  18.5  +extra egg  3

Free-range egg, house made sweet miso, 
roasted eggplant, butternut, provolone cheese, toast
*veg - gf bread +3

Avocado Toast  16.5

Avocado, parsley, red peppercorn, lemon,
Mt Zero olive oil, seeded sourdough *vegan
- gf bread +3

Soba Salad  18.5

Soba noodle, avocado, cherry tomato, 
lightly pan-fried Japanese bean curd, spring onion & green salad

Megʼs Grandmaʼs Miso Soup 6