All Day Breakfast <8:00-15:00>


Based on CIBI grandmother’s ‘Asa Gohan’ breakfast

Traditional  26.5

Ora King salmon, free-range Tamagoyaki,
seasonal vegetables  ae-mono, potato salad,
CIBI rice blend, heartful miso soup


More Vegetable  26.5

Seasonal cooked vegetables, free-range Tamagoyaki,
seasonal vegetable ae-mono, potato salad,
CIBI rice blend, heartful miso soup*
contains dashi


Ultimate  32

Your choice of Traditional or More Vegetable plus
  • Natto (fermented soybeans)
  • Umeboshi (sour plum)
  • Nori (dried seaweed)
  • Seasonal pickled vegetables

Mum’s Scrambled Eggs  20 *Veg

Two free-range eggs, cherry tomato,
spring onion, tamari, mizuna,
on seeded sourdough or CIBI rice blend (*gf )

+ Avocado  5.5
+ Sautéed mushrooms  6
+ Spinach with ginger & sesame  5.5
+ Feta  5.6
+ Tomato with chilli koji 7
+ Koji sausage  8


Miso Baked Egg  21.5 *Veg

Free-range egg, house-made sweet miso, roasted eggplant,
butternut, provolone cheese, toast.

+ Extra Free-Range Egg  3
*gf bread 3


Avocado Toast  17.5 *Vegan

Avocado, parsley, pink peppercorns, seeded sourdough.

*gf bread 3


Soba Salad  20 *Vegan

Soba noodles, avocado, cherry tomato, pan-fried Japanese bean curd,
spring onion & green salad

Meg’s Grandma’s Miso Soup  6.5

Meg's grandma's recipe.
Full of vegetables, 
like minestrone, wholesome and tasty.
* contains dashi

Kids Plate  16

Serve with a glass of apple juice
Choose from:
  • Rice & Miso Soup
  • Salmon Flake Rice Bowl
  • Toast with Jam
    *10 y/o and under


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