Kayo Sansui

Kayo Sansui Plate w/ Foot

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Handmade pottery, crafted with unique soil from Okayama Japan. Each piece is made in small batches and are each uniquely distinct.

Size: 30cm x 15cm


Kayo Sansui

Yoshiaki Niguma, sole craftsperson and owner of Kayo-sansui pottery. Each piece is hand-thrown off-the-hump by master Yoshi in his intimate studio. Thrown off the hump is a technique where a large mound of clay is placed on the wheel and centred. Then each piece is formed above the hump and cut. Not only efficient, this technique minimises waste and can be very efficient yet takes tremendous skill to do properly. in the intimate studio. A CIBI family friend, Kayo-sansui is located in the township of Toyono, Okayama.