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CIBI Mother’s Day cooking class

CIBI Mother’s Day cooking class"A fun family evening with parents & kids"- Date & Time: 5:30pm - 8pm  Thursday, 4 May, 2017- Location: Minanoie, 33 Peel St, Collingwood- Fee: Adults $55, kids (over 6) $35*includes cooking class lesson followed by eating the meal we made, drink, and take-home sushi-making kit.Recipes: Temaki-sushi, maki-sushi & miso soupTickets are available HERE.   We look forward to hosting our very first kids cooking class for Mother’s Day. You can come with your mum as Mother’s Day gift, or you can come with your dad to learn how to cook and surprise her on Mother’s Day, or simply come and enjoy it with your family.Recipes for cooking class will be Temaki-sushi, maki-sushi & miso soup: Temaki-sushi is...
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CIBI Everyday Glass #1 it OUT NOW!

Our first-ever CIBI everyday glass is OUT NOW!!! Zenta designed – handmade for CIBI by Shotoku Glass in Tokyo. We wanted to create a glass for “everyday use” that expresses the CIBI spirit, with intriguing, timeless design matched by superb quality and functionality. Once you start using it, you’ll never sip back to your old glasses!We are so pleased to introduce you to the pleasures of drinking from this newest glass on the planet, and share the back-story on its design and manufacture.Zenta says:“In creating this glass, I started with the key words ‘family’ and ‘joy’, a glass everyone can use everyday for any drink. It’s for kids and adults alike, and designed to enjoy sipping from, as well as...
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TENUGUI EXHIBITION 15.09 - 08.10.16

Kamawanu, the leading tenugui maker in Japan and a supplier to CIBI since we opened 8 years ago, will visit us in Melbourne in September. To make the most of their visit, we will have an exhibition at Minanoie featuring over 200 limited design patterns, as well as three tenugui workshops. It’s a great opportunity to deep dive into the history and culture of tenugui, and explore their amazing versatility. And the opportunity to buy limited edition tenugui!!  Thu 15th  6 - 9pm     Opening night (free entry)                                  Workshop: wrapping with Tenugui (free entry)    Fri 16th      1pm        ...
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At CIBI, part of our workshop project, Usuhari glass experience bar starts today at 10am! This fun event is on from today to this Saturday, 5-7th March, 10am-3pm(daytime!) Pop in to experience our super thin glassware, hand made by artisan in downtown Tokyo. During this period, if u purchase any tumbler glasses, u receive 10%off, and we have some more special offer for this period. Our bar man Mr Z will entertain u for sure over the (free) drinks! See you all at CIBI today, Friday or Saturday! 5-7 MAR 2015 10-3 @CIBI  
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